Takanabe's Swimming Beach Campground at Kaguchihama


The playful ocean waves invite you to cool off from the hot summer sun.

This beach is the only place in Koyu County in Miyazaki Prefecture where swimming in the sea is not prohibited. It is also known for its clean ocean water and is in the top 100 cleanest beaches in Japan declared by the Ministry of Environment. There is also a campground adjacent to Kaguchihama, where you can relax and listen to the roar of the sea, and camp under the starlit sky. This beach is not only a very popular surf point of central Miyazaki, but also of the western part of Japan.



高鍋町役場 地域政策課

〒884-8655 宮崎県児湯郡高鍋町大字上江8437番地
電話:0983-26-2015(商工観光係) 0983-26-2018(総合政策係)