Takanabe Shikisai no mura


The Tanada terraced rice fields have been used for farming around this area. Here, visitors can feel the change of the seasons from the beautiful scenery.

This area is reserved as a 1960's old fashioned farming village with wild flowers like Chinese milk vetch and rape blossoms. Rice farming and buckwheat harvesting have been done while using traditional methods, which modern farmers have stopped doing because of technological improvements. Visitors can reminisce and go back in time to a place half a century ago by enjoying the scenery of untouched nature.
At the Meirin park harvesting festival, you can buy organic farm products, which were grown by using environmentally friendly agricultural methods. At the festival, locals often give away some products to the visitors. You can enjoy samples of the local products as well.
Shikisai no mura also creates opportunities for children to learn hands-on. Children plant and harvest rice with local people. Through the experience, children learn about the importance of regional commerce, the enjoyment of farming, and the sense of living together with nature by gaining a better understanding of natures' cycle.


Shikisai no mura

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高鍋町役場 地域政策課

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